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-Extended stay discount programs

-First night free Program

-Refer a Friend Program
both referrer and new customer get $50 credit

-Rescue Promotion
$50 for rescue organization and for adopter

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Dog Boarding Services in Dallas TX

Prices are All-Inclusive


Remember, you NEVER pay extra for any additional service. So even if you add our convenient low cost, door to door transportation service, we are less expensive than any other facility with this level of excellence and quality of experience.

-Group socialization
-Playtime & cuddle time
-Beds w/ bedding cleaned daily
-Treats & balanced meals
-Accommodate special diets
-Administer medications
-Anything that makes your pet happy
-24 hour staff care

Ranch View Suites


$38 /night (without Verandah)

$43 /night (with Verandah)

Each additional dog is $25

$800 /month    Additional dog is $300

Our Ranch View Suites are also called the “baby rooms”. This area has 12 indoor suites that measure 8×5 each. These suites contain all of our basic amenities, and are perfect for your puppy or small breed dog.


The Cattery


$21 /night
Multiple cat discounts will apply.

Our exclusive cat room gives your feline friend a chance to relax, play and socialize in a safe and secure environment.

For the joy of our feline guests, our cat play area features a 7-foot aquarium.

Standard Suites


$45 /night (without Verandah )

$50 /night (with Verandah)

Each additional dog is $25

$800 /month    Additional dog is $300

Our Valley View, Lake View and Bluff View Suites are all available with an optional covered private verandah. Your pooch can have free access to his or her own outdoor patio!

Valley View: This area consists of 8×5 suites with polished epoxy flooring (easier on your pet’s paws, better traction and cleanliness), magnetic safety suite doors and plenty of space. All suites have fresh air every 15 minutes from our state of the art air exchange program. This area includes access to play time and our in-ground pool at no extra charge.

Lake View: This is a mirror image of the Valley View suites, with epoxy flooring, safety doors and its own air exchange unit. This area is slightly larger and caters to more active and high energy pets. It’s the party zone!

Bluff View: This consists of 13 8×5 suites with standard amenities and a beautiful hillside view. In-ground pool time is included.

VIP Suites


$60 /night (without Verandah)

$65-$75 /night (with Verandah) Price depends on size of dog and suite

Each additional dog is $25

Even dogs love an all-inclusive holiday, and we offer two areas of VIP Suites, for your truly pampered pet. All of our VIP dog boarding suites contain designer showcased ceramic tiled walls, stained and polished concrete flooring, an abundance of windows for plenty of sunshine, private televisions playing “dog” movies 24 hours, webcams for parents’ viewing, our sophisticated air exchange program, and relaxation in the Ranch Retreat Lounge (VIP guests only). Our VIP boarded guests also enjoy a private daily nature walk with a counselor and daily group play/socialization times.

Creek View: The Creek View VIP Suites are situated to view our two adjoining creek lines and are for the guests with discriminating tastes.

Pool View: Situated next to our in-ground pool with backdrop tree line view. The Pool View Suites are quite literally the” Best in the House”.




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